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How to choose bouquets and to whom which flowers to give in St. Petersburg

When ordering flowers delivered to the bridal bouquet office, consumers can be confident that all the compositions will be made by designers and florists, taking into account the rules of etiquette. Whether it is a composition of 10-20 roses, a bouquet of 25 roses, a composition of 30-40 roses as a gift on a name day, all of them will be made according to the individual wishes of the customers and delivered to the specified address at exactly the agreed time.

The choice of colors in accordance with etiquette

When ordering flowers delivered to the offices of a bridal bouquet, you need to consider that one single gorgeous rose or chamomile can tell a person much more than a tastelessly composed composition consisting of several tens or even hundreds of plants.
If you order flowers with order delivery to the office in an amount that does not exceed a dozen, then there must be an odd number of them. In the case when you need a more voluminous bouquet, for example, from 25 roses, 30-40 roses or 201 roses, then the number of plants in the composition can be any.
When ordering flowers with delivery order delivery of flowers you need to take into account the age and social status of the person to whom they are intended. In this case, gender, age and the reason for the bouquet are of great importance. For example, for official meetings, you can order flowers delivered to the office bridal bouquet of 10-20 or 25 orange, burgundy or bright red roses. If you need to order flowers with delivery to the office wedding bouquet for a person who retires, then you can buy 201 red roses. This color personifies vitality and hints at a bright future.

Universal bouquets

Young and energetic girls should order flowers and order flowers in gentle and soothing colors. It can be compositions from lilies of the valley, spring tulips or magnificent gerberas. For older women, you can order flowers with delivery, order flower delivery in the form of compositions of chrysanthemums, innocent lilies or delightful orchids. It should be borne in mind that women of balsac age love light flowers with long stems.
When ordering flowers delivered to the office to order flowers for women, do not forget about men. Traditional plants for a strong half of humanity are roses, chrysanthemums and gladioli. In this case, the appropriate gift for a birthday or anniversary will be a gorgeous bouquet of 10-20, 25, 30-40 red roses. For any military holiday, for example, on February 23, it will be appropriate for men to present a small bouquet of red or white carnations.