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Rules of cultivation of vegetables in the apartment

Rules of cultivation of vegetables in the apartment
The fresh vegetables containing a set of useful natural components not only tasty, but also help our digestion, promote strengthening of immunity and, in general, positively influence our organism. Therefore there are a lot of people living in apartments seek to grow up houses tasty tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, even without having own kitchen garden in the private house.
What vegetables can be grown up on a window sill
The most widespread option for a house kitchen garden is cultivation of cucumbers and tomatoes. For a start it is necessary to pick up the self-pollinated vegetables which after landing of seeds need to be watered plentifully waiting for growth. Soil in pots or containers shouldn't dry up, at the same time, water surely has to be room temperature. The expanding liana is recommended to be tied up, in time to cut off the withering leaves and in addition to spray plants from a spray at least once in day.
Cultivation of onions – one more popular occupation at modern fans of houseplants. The main thing here – to pick up the correct pot having small openings in designs through which onions also will make the way outside. Of course, it is possible just to place bulbs in glasses with water, but the first option will have more attractive appearance, разнообразив a home atmosphere something unique and original.
Greens, namely parsley and basil, perfectly get accustomed practically in any conditions. Even it isn't necessary to look after them constantly, and in several weeks after landing you will be able already to enjoy the tasty salads seasoned with the greens having juicy and rich taste. Fans of more exotic food can choose for themselves arugula seeds, but behind this plant an eye yes of eyes as it is necessary to pluck constantly appearing buds is necessary. If this rule to neglect, then arugula has too bitter taste, and it hardly to fit for consumption.
Several important rules at cultivation of vegetables
If you plan suit a mini-kitchen garden on the window sill, then it is recommended to follow several basic rules:
as soil, optimum for landing, it is possible to use the limy soil or wood ashes which we bring after outdoor recreation;
it is necessary to place pots with plants in well lit room (ideally, on a window sill of the room fronting on South side) as vegetables need abundance of solar ultraviolet;
for watering of plants it is recommended to use the sprayer – so liquid will be received by not only roots, but also leaves.
Cultivation of vegetables in house conditions is the excellent exit allowing to eat tasty products even during the winter period. Besides, every year the cost of such goods increases so we will be able to save the lion's share of the family budget if we place pots with juicy and tasty vegetables at home.