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The subtleties of the choice of bouquets of roses

If you are going to order flowers with the bridal bouquet delivered to the office as a declaration of love or a gift, then a composition of 10-20 roses, 25 roses, a bouquet of 30-40 roses or a composition of 201 roses is the best choice. Florists and designers of our salon when ordering flowers delivery to the office wedding bouquet are ready to listen to all your wishes and make a bouquet in accordance with the needs.

The language of flowers

When ordering flowers for office delivery, you need to know that each plant and its color symbolize something. It is also worth considering when ordering flowers with delivery order flower delivery, that the queen of all flowers is a rose.
Roses these days are the most relevant and popular plants for gifts for women. It is possible to order flowers from us with delivery to the office the order of flowers for both a wedding bouquet, and for a holiday or a date. Few people know, but both sign language and the language of flowers can say a lot.

What do roses say?

Let's talk about the main types of flowers, delivery to the office which can be ordered in our salon:

  • Orange and red roses. It is possible to order flowers with delivery to the office of a wedding bouquet of orange color in the case when you wish to express warm feelings to the person. But a bouquet of red roses, presented to a woman, literally shouts: "I am in love with you."
  • Green or yellow roses as a gift to a woman. Green roses - a very rare variety, it symbolizes fertility. But to order flowers for delivery order flower delivery in the form of a composition of yellow roses should be very careful. These flowers can symbolize not only respect and care, but also betrayal or separation.
  • Cream, lilac and pink roses. To order flowers delivered to the office a bridal bouquet in the form of a composition of cream roses can be a gift for any person as a universal color. Lilac roses can express admiration and charm, but red roses, in addition to admiration, express deep gratitude, sympathy and respect.
  • Blue and black roses. When ordering flowers delivered to the office bridal bouquet in the form of a composition of black roses, it should be borne in mind that plants of this color symbolize grief, so they are only relevant at a funeral or funeral feast to express their sympathy. Blue roses are often presented to mysterious people, hinting at their originality.
  • Lilac and rainbow roses. Lilac bouquet can show your admiration for man. The composition of rainbow roses is a universal bouquet that can be given to both children and young people or adults.

It should also be said that when delivering flowers delivered to the office for a wedding bouquet, you should not forget about spray roses. Such plants are often used to create bouquets for brides.