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Choosing homely plants unpretentious

Choosing homely plants unpretentious
Growing flowers at home, we try to choose varieties that will be as unpretentious as possible, both in terms of selecting the optimal place and watering. In conditions of constant employment by modern gardeners, it is very important to have flowers at home that will not die after we forget to moisten the soil. And now we will find out which plants are less dependent on the attention of the owners.
The most unpretentious indoor flowers
We should start with the Chinese rose, which has been very popular with gardeners for quite a long time. These flowers with bright red buds bloom quickly and bloom for a long time, while they are completely independent of the abundance of sunlight or the constant airing of the rooms. It is enough to fertilize the Chinese rose once a year and water it once every few days, and this flower will also delight you with huge buds with long pistils.
Another flower, similar in appearance to a Chinese rose, is begonia. For this plant, it is enough to choose the optimal location (the penumbra is best suited where begonia will not be exposed to the damaging effects of direct sunlight). Begonia should be watered abundantly and regularly, but you can fertilize no more than once a month or two.
Quite often in apartments and offices of companies you can see ficuses, representing a plant with large and "juicy" leaves, which is located in a well-lit place. Ficuses fit perfectly in any situation, and the only important aspect for them is the presence of a large number of solar ultraviolet radiation. Watering these plants is necessary not too often (it will be enough once every few days), and the humidity level in the rooms can not be particularly monitored.
Room maple or, as it is also called - abutilon, is increasingly appearing in the dwellings of gardeners, having gained popularity with its incredible beauty during flowering. Maple blooms in a huge variation of shades, perfectly tolerates excessive air dryness, sharp temperature drops and is completely independent of irrigation. More precisely, it will still be necessary to moisten the soil, since without this the maple will not bloom, but to maintain plant life it is allowed to water the pot no more than once a week.
The most original solution of modern gardeners is to place an ornamental palm tree in their rooms, which copes with air cleaning and significantly refreshes the situation, bringing a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to it. It is very important for home palms to be fed by sunlight, because it is best placed near windows. In gratitude, the plant will delight you with an incredible amount of leaves of bright green colors and help protect yourself from electromagnetic effects when working at a computer or watching TV.