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Materials for decoration of bouquets

If you decide to buy spray roses or order cheap flowers with delivery in St. Petersburg in our company, then florists can create floral arrangements using artificial or natural decorative materials. Making cheap chamomile flowers with delivery or MIX roses, designers skillfully bring to life the most original ideas and fantastic ideas with the help of improvised tools.
The basis for creating the overall picture of the composition are:

  • dried berries, vegetables, fruits, lichens and mosses;
  • dried or fresh herbs and other plants;
  • branches of bushes, trees, cones, birch bark and needles.

Let us dwell in more detail on the materials by which bouquets are decorated to order elegant wedding bouquets of flowers with delivery.

Straw, fresh and dried grass, branches of bushes and trees

If you want to order butterflies and flowers with delivery or roses cheaply, decorated with green decorative plants, then you can ask florists to decorate the bouquet with plants that you prefer. In our company you can order MIX roses or flowers with delivery to Peterhof in combination with such plants:

  • Aspidistra. The leaves of this decorative plant very often decorate fresh flowers with delivery in St. Petersburg;
  • Bergras. You can order flowers with delivery around the world, decorated with leaves of this herb. Bergras leaves resemble long, green twigs of olive color, they are collected in hard panicles.
  • Gypsophila. Very often, delivery of roses with greenery of this plant is ordered for weddings. The plant looks very impressive as a decorative material when creating a bride’s wedding bouquet.
  • Monstera. When ordering roses in St. Petersburg, you can order a floral arrangement that will be decorated with incredibly spectacular monstera leaves.
  • Fern. Any fresh flowers with delivery can decorate with this plant. The variety of leaf shapes and their grace makes this plant almost indispensable when decorating floral arrangements.

Berries Vegetables and Fruits

Having placed an order for chic wedding bouquets of flowers with delivery, you can additionally order fruit, berry or vegetable bouquets from us. Such compositions take pride of place on the table at any event and organically complement bush roses or bouquets from other plants.
At the wedding, you can order butterflies and flowers with delivery, you can also order spray roses or berry and vegetable bouquets. When creating a composition of fruits and vegetables, florists use:

  • knives and scissors;
  • toothpicks and skewers;
  • decorative ribbons.

In this case, you will be able not only to order flowers with delivery to Peterhof for the wedding, but also an attractive, and, most importantly, tasty composition on the holiday table.

Moss, needles, birch bark, cones, branches of bushes and trees

Here you can order flowers with delivery worldwide or roses in St. Petersburg, which will be decorated with natural decorative elements. This may be moss litter, cones, needles, twigs of shrubs and trees.
A wonderful gift for the Christmas holidays can be a delivery of roses or compositions of other flowers decorated with decorative roots, dry branches, needles or tree bark. Cones painted in various colors look very impressive in bouquets. The basis of such compositions can be pieces of polystyrene foam, rods, wire frames, glass or ceramic vases and metal trays or pallets.
In order for the compositions to use fresh flowers for delivery in St. Petersburg, designers also use special floristic flasks and sponges. The floral sponges are saturated with water and flower stems are inserted into them. These techniques allow flower arrangements to remain fresh as long as possible and delight others with their beauty.
Turning to our company and ordering MIX roses or fresh flowers with delivery in St. Petersburg, you can discuss with the designers all the nuances of creating floral arrangements. Bouquets will be created in accordance with your wishes or preferences of the people to whom they are intended as a gift. We will deliver flowers in a timely manner to anywhere in the city, Russia or the world, and we will report to the customer the services for their delivery.