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Plants for the kitchen

Plants for the kitchen

Each of us wants to equip housing in the best possible way; at the same time, it does not matter which room we are talking about. Especially this question is relevant for the kitchen, where modern housewives spend a lot of time being in a room with high humidity. This place has long ceased to be a simple room for eating, and now there are a lot of ways to diversify the overall picture, using various floral arrangements.

What plants to choose for the kitchen

To competently create an attractive and practical design of flowers, you need to consider several important factors:

  • The size of the room and the flower itself - you and the guests are unlikely to like it if there is a huge flower in the small kitchen, visually and actually reducing so a small amount of free space;
  • The location of the pot with a flower - the plant should not interfere with household tasks;
  • Distance to heaters - most flowers do not tolerate heat from batteries and boilers, quickly dying due to ignoring this nuance;
  • The current level of humidity in the room.

Florists, analyzing these factors, found that the most acceptable flowers for placement in the kitchen are the following types:

  • Hrolitituma - they clean the air with high quality, while they have an attractive appearance and do not suffer from a high level of humidity and lack of oxygen;
  • Sensevieria - the plant has a wide variety in terms of the appearance of the petals and will not die from sudden temperature changes or lack of solar ultraviolet radiation;
  • Uzumbar violets - perfect for decorating the window sill, as they grow in a huge variety of color performance;
  • Pelargoniums - bloom for a long time and have a lot of varieties of buds, both in color and in shape;
  • A creeper is an ampelous plant that does not fear drafts and sudden temperature changes.

As you can see, the main parameter to assess the rationality of placing plants in the kitchen is their practical value. The most suitable flowers are able not only to please your eyes every time you prepare meals for the family, but also quickly purify the air from burning, providing the room with oxygen.


Some housewives who appreciate the maximum benefit of all that is in the house, decide to grow greens on the windowsills, added to food. Basil, garlic, parsley and onion can also blend in quite harmoniously with the overall picture; at the same time, they are completely unpretentious and do not need to create any specific conditions for unhindered growth.
Given all the above, you can easily decide which plant is most suitable for cultivation, depending on your individual needs, whether it is just a desire to visually enjoy the picture or to use cultures in cooking.