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How to extend the life of roses after flower delivery in St. Petersburg?

How to extend the life of roses after flower delivery in St. Petersburg?

All women love to receive bouquets as a gift, but after delivering flowers in St. Petersburg, the plants do not retain their external attractiveness for long. Having received flowers with delivery as a gift, people admire their beauty for several days, or even weeks, after which the plants fade. Many people care about the question: Is it possible to buy roses and maximize the life of flowers? Looking ahead, we answer what is possible. There are several ways to extend the life of flowers, consider some of them.

Having bought roses inexpensively, we cut the stems

If you buy inexpensive roses, get a bouquet as a gift or use the flower delivery service in St. Petersburg, then after a certain period of time the composition will lose its attractiveness, the flowers will begin to fade. In order to extend the life of plants and return the bouquet to its former attractiveness, before putting it in water, it is imperative to cut the flower stems again.
Having received flowers with delivery as a gift, the stems must be cut, be sure to lower them in warm water. By immersing roses in a liquid and making slices there, it will be possible to prevent air from entering the capillaries of plants, which, in turn, will not allow air bubbles to clog these capillaries. It should also be noted that after delivering flowers in St. Petersburg, cuts on the stems must be made oblique. Thanks to such incisions, the area that will absorb moisture will increase as much as possible. After delivering the flowers, before lowering them into a vase, leaves and thorns must be removed from the parts of the stems that will be in the water.

Preparing a breeding ground for flowers: additives in water

After delivering flowers, you need to take care not only of pruning the stems, it is worth preparing the water in which the bouquet will stand. If you buy flowers and put them in ordinary water, then such a composition will not last long. Therefore, after flowers are delivered to St. Petersburg in the water in which they will be stored, you can add sugar, at the rate of 2 tablespoons of sweet sand per 1 liter of water.
A good option to extend the life of flowers delivered to St. Petersburg is to add aspirin tablets to the water. This method is the best suited for flowers with large buds and long stems. When ordering delivery of inexpensive flowers or buying inexpensive roses in a store, you can agree with florists or sellers to purchase special additives that will increase the life of the plants. Having bought roses cheaply, you can add some bleach or dishwashing liquid to the water. The tool will kill all harmful bacteria that adversely affect the flowers.

We revive a withered bouquet

Having bought roses cheaply, we notice that they quickly fade. This is due to the fact that plants quickly lose moisture. Irreversible processes in the structure of plants begin immediately after they are cut from the garden. There are certain resuscitation measures that significantly increase the lifespan of flowers, here are some of them:

  • After delivering inexpensive flowers, you need to remove all the thorns and lower the bouquet for 2-3 hours in cool water. This procedure will revive the plants, and the heads of roses will rise.
  • When ordering flower delivery inexpensively or by purchasing roses at a kiosk, you can significantly slow down the wilting process by adding saltpeter to the water. Dissolve a teaspoon of this product in 1 liter of water.

The most radical method of resuscitation of plants is updating the sections and immersing the bouquet in hot water, after which it must be covered for 5 minutes with a plastic bag on top. After this procedure, roses are placed in a vase of water, in which additives are added to extend the life of plants.