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Interesting stories about peonies

Interesting stories about peonies

Since ancient times, peonies have enjoyed high popularity not only among those who like to plant plants on their plots, but even among kings and kings. It was not just in Russia that they called him a pansy flower - not a single offering to the sovereign could not do without the embellishment of gifts by this wonderful and magnificent beauty.

A few historical facts about peonies

Peonies are very deservedly considered one of the first wild plants cultivated by man. According to various data about the plant, it became known for the first time more than two thousand years ago, and from the very first days peonies won love and respect from people due to the fact that any insects, except bees, did not risk to sit on their buds. Therefore, believers connoisseurs of cultures believed that the peony is blessed by gods and can be an excellent defense against evil forces.
Historians associate the origin of the flower with the famous ancient Greek physician named Peon, who was famous throughout the world for his knowledge of the treatment of the most complex ailments with the help of medicinal herbs. According to the existing legend, the goddess Leto herself turned to Peon, who created this amazing flower in recognition of his healing talents. Although, atheists believe that the healer simply found this plant and began to use it in his work so that his patients would not experience severe pain.
Chinese residents, on the other hand, use peonies to attract wealth and prosperity, considering them to be a symbol of well-being. Vases with a lush plant are placed in modern offices and homes, while not only live flowers are popular, but also various pictures with their images. Interestingly, in China there is even a holiday dedicated to peonies, which is held every year throughout the country. Tourists from all over the world come to the Peony Festival to personally see the magnificent plantations planted with colorful flowers.

Modern use of peonies

At the moment, the described plant is used throughout the world as a sedative to relieve asthma attacks and terrible migraines. Tibetan monks use tincture as a remedy for hypertension and respiratory diseases.
But not only in medicine, peonies have found their use, they are increasingly being added to various dishes that cooks of Tibetan cultural institutions treat their guests to. Petals are used as an integral ingredient in the preparation of soft drinks, and rhizomes are added to meat and vegetable dishes (the treat is called the “groom's dish”).
At the moment, peonies still remain one of the most beautiful and popular flowers, as they are able to stand even at home for a very long period. The lovers give them to each other as a sign of love and respect, while gardeners love to plant plants on personal plots due to the fact that one such shrub is able to bring from a few dozen to a hundred buds.