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Tools, materials and rules for creating floral arrangements

Tools, materials and rules for creating floral arrangements

Just amateur florists and designers of companies providing flower delivery services in St. Petersburg adhere to certain rules when creating flower arrangements. They use special materials and tools in their work, and bouquets are created according to certain rules. Regardless of the occasion for which the flower delivery is carried out, compliance with these rules allows you to create thematic bouquets that are fully consistent with the atmosphere of the event.

Materials and tools used by florists

The staff of flower delivery companies in St. Petersburg consists of highly qualified florists. Putting into practice certain knowledge and experience, when creating compositions for the delivery of inexpensive flowers, they use specific materials and special tools.
Be it inexpensive roses, gerberas, carnations, tulips or exotic orchids, but to fix the flowers in the composition you will definitely need floral foam. When delivering flowers in St. Petersburg, bouquets, during transportation, can withstand certain loads. In order to give additional stability to the stems of flowers, special floral ribbons are used, and pins are used to secure additional elements and decorative ribbons.
Even if you order inexpensive roses, you will need to use a floral wire, which can also be masked with a floral ribbon, to create an attractive bouquet. Before the consumer will have the opportunity to buy roses, they are also subjected to pre-treatment. With the help of special secateurs or clippers, flower stems are cut to a specific length.
In the arsenal of professional florists creating compositions for flower delivery in St. Petersburg, there are special wooden sticks and glue guns with which they fix flowers in bouquets. Designers use not only special materials and tools. When forming bouquets for flower delivery in St. Petersburg, florists create compositions in accordance with certain styles.

Shape - linear style of floristry

Composing bouquets for flower delivery in St. Petersburg in this style, company designers create compositions of the correct geometric shapes. You can order and buy cheap roses, a bouquet of which will be created in the form of a cross, pyramid, wreath or ball.
This style is concise and as clear as possible. Most often, flower delivery in St. Petersburg, compositions of which are created in accordance with this style, are ordered for a funeral or commemoration.

Decorative style

Even if you buy inexpensive roses or carnations, the composition made of these flowers in a decorative style will look very original and attractive. When ordering flowers with delivery, and agreeing with the company's florists that the compositions will be made in a decorative style, the consumer will receive a bouquet in which all the elements will be subject to a single theme.
You can order inexpensive flower delivery in a decorative style for a wide variety of celebrations. It can be either a sentimental, but at the same time original and attractive bouquet for the bride, or a composition for decorating the interior.

Vegetative style

In order to buy flowers decorated in this style, you need to contact qualified designers, since it is the most difficult in terms of floristry. When ordering flowers, bouquets or whole compositions delivered in a vegetative style in St. Petersburg, it should be borne in mind that they can be created using other natural materials: fresh or dried berries and fruits, moss, plant branches, cones, driftwood and natural stones.