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What kind of roses are there? Varieties and their characteristics.

What kind of roses are there? Varieties and their characteristics.
Roses are the most popular flowers from all variety presented at the market. In other words, if you are faced with the issue of buying flowers in St. Petersburg, the first thing that comes to mind is a bouquet of roses, and only then there are other options. But it is extremely difficult for a person who is ignorant of floristics to figure out exactly which variety will best emphasize your attitude to a person. Modern flower science identifies several types of roses, which this article is intended to tell about.

Scrubs - a type of roses that was bred relatively recently. To put it bluntly, shrabs are bush roses, and all those flowers belong to this variety that cannot be determined precisely for this or that group. Flowers are characterized by various parameters, ranging from hybrid tea and ending with floribunds. The color of these roses can be different, as well as their volume. Unlike their hybrid tea brethren, scrubs have a lasting pleasant aroma. Thanks to this versatility, it is possible to grow shrabs as a single bush, or as part of groups of three or five copies.

The tea rose, which we have already mentioned in the paragraph above, goes back to the traditional Chinese rose. The Bengal rose (so called Chinese roses among florists), which reached Europe in the eighteenth century, quickly gained immense popularity due to its amazing properties. These flowers are characterized by simple semi-double buds, the petals on which darken as the bud opens. Of the shortcomings of this type of specialists, their instability to cold weather stands out - it is hardly worth the first frosts, as the petals of this type immediately fall off.

The tea-hybrid subspecies is characterized by large ten-centimeter flowers and a magnificent smell. "La France" - the first representative of this family - was launched in the distant thousand eight hundred and sixty-seventh year. Ever since, the tea hybrid rose is the most popular variety, with subspecies of which florists number about ten thousand!

Floribunda is another popular variety that is characterized by the duration of flowering shrubs. This variety was bred by crossing hybrid tea roses with their polyanthic cousins. Floribunda is considered the best option for decorating home gardens.

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