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We plant roses at home

We plant roses at home
If you decide to buy roses in St. Petersburg, and after planting them at home - this article is for you! At first glance, this seems like an overwhelming task, but, following simple advice, to realize a long-standing dream and grow a rose at home does not seem such an extremely heavy task.
First of all, you need to buy roses in St. Petersburg, but not the usual bouquets, in which, apart from aesthetic splendor, you cannot find anything, but an onion from which our flower will grow in the future. Many sellers, in the desire to quickly push not the most popular product, will offer you frankly bad options - pay attention to the quality of the bulb. It is necessary to study the shoots of the plant intently - they should be “green”, since it is easier and faster to grow a beautiful ready-made plant from a young seedling. Naturally, there should be no ticks or other insects on the sapling - such an instance will not survive, no matter what efforts you put. If you decide to buy a bush at once, then the leaves in it should not contain either black spots or dead petals.
Only you brought the plant home - it should immediately be properly prepared for planting. But do not be in a hurry - it takes a day for the flower to settle before it can be prepared for planting. Soap foam that is used in the processing of a flower is a good way to take care of our plant. The foam is washed off under a douche: about four minutes the rose should be under hot water, and the same time under the cold. After a short time, it is recommended to leave the roses just under warm water. We draw your attention to the fact that in no case should water be boiling water - this will negatively affect our plant.
It is important to observe the deadlines: the roses bloom best in the warm season, and worse - in the cold. Naturally, the plant needs thorough care, and leaving it in the hope that everything will grow by itself is stupid.
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