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Where did the tulips come from?

Where did the tulips come from?
Tulips are magnificent spring flowers that delight the eye with its beauty. Each lady dreams of such an exquisite gift, because many gentlemen in the issue of buying flowers in St. Petersburg, make a choice in favor of this beautiful flower. But where did the tulips come from? There is a lot of scattered information on the Internet, but the exact answer is hard to find. Let's talk about the history of tulips in more detail - this will help the gentleman after buying flowers to surprise his beloved with a chic story.
For the first time in history, the mention of a tulip is dated to the 6th – 7th centuries AD, and the ancestors of these records were the Persians. "Dulbash", as it was called in the chronicles, was extremely popular and popular. It is not surprising that in the sixteenth century this splendor appeared in the palace of the Turkish padishah - many concubines of the Turkish Sultan were engaged in breeding this flower culture. And it bore fruit: thanks to the efforts of women on this earth, more than three hundred species of tulips appeared, and it was then that they began their victorious march across the planet. It is also not surprising that the sultan was strictly forbidden to take out flower bulbs abroad to Turkey: it was really a shame to share such magnificence. However, the tulip inevitably penetrated the border and with the greatest triumph among the florists of that era went around the world. And in Turkey, since that time, the tulip day has been celebrated annually.
Having got to Vienna in fifteen-fifty-fourth year, the tulip immediately attracted the attention of high society. The flower began to plant in the Vienna Botanical Garden. And as a natural result, the director of the Vienna Botanical Garden is invited to Holland, which is considered to be the birthplace of tulips. This event happened in 1570.
From the above date, the tulip becomes a truly royal flower. He is bred by monarchs throughout Europe, and on pain of prison they are forbidden to divorce mere mortals. However, the last and so it was not affordable: thanks to Tulipmania, the price of a bulb soared to sub-block heights.
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