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We buy roses

We buy roses
Buying roses in St. Petersburg is easy, just follow our advice. Most of the gentlemen - all they have to do is come up to the holiday - they immediately strive to get a beautiful bouquet for their ladies' hearts, so that the gorgeous flowers serve as a constant reminder of love and tenderness. But many people forget that in addition to buying the flowers themselves, they also require constant care in order to preserve their freshness and magnificent look as long as possible.
Dirty hand sellers often try to slip customers into already standing bouquets, carefully masking them behind a beautiful facade of various decorative tinsel. Often, these bouquets are also sold at exorbitant prices, which, you see, does not do the honor to the sellers. Below we give some tips on how not to screw up in choosing a rose.
First of all, you should always keep track of what sort of roses you plan to buy. Depending on this, the flower bud will look different. The classic choice in this situation is the buds, opened on half or two thirds of the total volume. Such flowers are longer than others, and the rule itself applies to almost any flower.
The bud itself, to the touch, should be hard, despite the common misconception: a soft bud indicates a priline-like death of a flower, and, as a result, a small amount of time that the bouquet can retain its presentation. Pay attention to the presence on the roses of the sepals - special leaves that grow at the very base of the bud. If these are sent upwards with petals - this indicates that the rose was cut recently, otherwise, if the sepals look downwards, the rose is sold every time for at least a couple of days, and, accordingly, it will not last long at home.
Burrs, which are scattered in abundance throughout the whole stem of the flower, should be removed first of all - such a rose will not bloom, and it requires sufficient nutrients. It is also recommended to cut the stem before placing flowers in a vase with water. When performing this trick, it is recommended to stock up with a good knife, but not a shears. Sorokapyatigradusny cut does not pinch capillaries in the stem.
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