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Caring for tulips in the garden

Caring for tulips in the garden
Tulip - a flower, a native of Central Asia, quickly won the hearts of Europeans sophisticated to all sorts of wonders. The flower got its name because of the shape of the bud, from the Persian word "turban". Historically, it happened that a tulip came to a court in Turkey, where the sultan's wives competed with each other in grace, growing tulips in their garden as a proof of devotion and love for their master. Tulips came to Europe back in 1554, and these flowers reached their peak of popularity in Holland since 1630. Florists tirelessly developed new varieties, and among the intelligentsia of that time collecting tulips was gaining more and more popularity. But an unprecedented boom was followed by a logical decline, which, oddly enough, only benefited the tulips themselves, which turned into an excellent decoration of any garden. Now that the modern market offers a huge number of flowers to choose from, and even the most fastidious consumer will find something that fully meets his needs, tulips still remain an exquisite way of demonstrating their love to your soulmate.
Buy tulips in St. Petersburg is another half of the story. The gardener should certainly provide care for the flowers, so that they please the eye as much as possible. To do this, remember some of the simplest rules for gardening, and we will now tell you about them. During the growing season, tulips need constant feeding, and it should be carried out at least three times. It is also worth paying attention to the appearance of the flower itself, which will tell us what it needs at a given moment in time. Narrow leaves indicate a lack of nitrogen, and a deficiency of phosphorus or potassium is indicated by the slightly blue edges of the petal.
When caring for flowers, cultivating the land of flowers should be carried out with care so as not to deprive the bulb of food, damaging its roots. When drying the tulip bulbs, you need to remember about their intolerance to direct sunlight, and therefore the above procedure should be performed exclusively in the shade. When planting a bulb, it is undesirable to use fresh manure, since it only contributes to the gradual rotting of the bulbs, and, among other things, contributes to the formation of fungal diseases in the garden. And the last moment, which, unfortunately, is given little attention: when planting bought tulips, the plot allocated for this for three years should not have been used to grow this type of flower. Also, do not forget about the constant care of flowers in the garden, their processing with specialized compounds and monitoring the condition of the flowers. In many respects, thanks to this, you can extend the life of your garden, avoiding the wilting of flowers, as well as their illness.
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