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Caring for roses correctly

Caring for roses correctly
Rose is a wonderful flower that decorates any garden. Even in ancient times, a rose was considered an elegant gift for any lady, and the first mention of this royal plant is found in the legends of ancient Hindus. Today, the rose is still a magnificent decoration of any household plot, as well as a wonderful addition to any interior. However, in order for your plants to please your look with their magnificence for a long time, you need to find out how to properly care for them.
If the theater begins with a hanger, then planting roses - with the choice of seedlings. When buying, you should give preference to those options whose seedlings are closed from external influences. When planting such an instance, it is worth preserving the earth, which is located at the very root of the plant. Very often in stores there are instances of roses, with a previously implemented root system. At the moment when you purchased a seedling, it is important to monitor the condition of the substrate around the roots - it should not completely dry out, but excessive moisture is contraindicated for it.
Like any other spring plant, the best moment for planting roses is spring. True, it is worth taking into account such a factor as the temperature of the soil, therefore, professional florists planting is carried out at the end of April and throughout May - the conditions are optimal and contribute to the proper growth of seedlings.
However, there are specimens that are recommended for planting in the fall. The period from late September to mid October has the best conditions for flowering roses. If you miss this moment, then there is a high probability of seedling freezing during the first autumn frosts.
It is important to remember that a rose is a very delicate plant, therefore the place for planting should be well lit by the sun. At the same time, it is worthwhile to ensure that the landing site is not blown away by the wind, otherwise there is a great chance that your rose will be affected by the so-called “powdery mildew”. Speaking about the soil, roses are not whimsical - it can be planted almost everywhere. Digging a hole for planting royal flowers, the so-called fact of space is taken into account - the planting site should be of such a width that the root system is not crowded. Specialized nutrient mixtures that contain compost in their composition - rotted manure and soil - will be an excellent choice for a nutrient mixture.
The water that is poured into the hole before planting should be completely absorbed by the ground. If you have a seedling with a closed root system, then do not free the roots from the ground. If you are faced with the opposite situation, then the root must be cut to a third of the length, and left in a specialized root growth stimulator for a couple of hours.
Compliance with the rules of planting royal plants is a good way to achieve amazing results in your garden. Thorough care of the seedling, disease prevention is a necessary condition if you want to enjoy a beautiful view from the window for a long time. In any case, the skill of planting roses correctly requires a certain experience, because only constant practice will become your best teacher.