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Potted flowers as a gift with delivery to Peter

Determining the choice and ordering flowers with delivery to buy flowers in St. Petersburg, you can choose a small bouquet of roses, and you can order on a solemn occasion and a large flower arrangement. If you need a bouquet for the bride, you can buy bush roses. As a gift to your girlfriend or a loved one, you can order a small bouquet of up to 10 roses. If you want to congratulate a birthday or a hero of the day, then you can order flowers delivery in St. Petersburg in the form of an elegant composition of 60-100 roses.

Potted plants as a gift

If you want a person to whom you are going to give flowers, remember you for a long time, then you should buy pot plants at the sale of flowers in St. Petersburg. Only it is necessary to take into account that potted flowers from the flower shop with delivery in St. Petersburg need further transplantation.
So that you or the person who received the potted flowers as a gift could transplant them, you will need a glass or ceramic container 2-3 cm larger in diameter than the old pot. After ordering potted flowers with delivery, buying flowers in Petersburg will require drainage, which needs to cover the bottom of the container by no more than 3 centimeters.
When ordering potted flowers with flowers delivery, you need to take into account that when transplanting plants, the trunks of flowers cannot be dredged into the ground. When caring for flowers also need to consider that after transplanting potted plants need to be watered with water at room temperature.
After purchasing potted plants at a sale of flowers from St. Petersburg with delivery and transplanting, flowers should be watered regularly in the event that the soil in the container dries several centimeters deep. But do not overdo it with watering, because from the excess moisture can rot the roots of potted flowers.
Having bought potted flowers in the flower shop with delivery in St. Petersburg, it is recommended to rinse the leaves of plants regularly, about 1 time in 10 days. Between April and October, potted plants should be fertilized once a month. In winter, from about November to March, potted flowers should be fertilized only once.