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History of floristics and alphabet of flowers

Translated from the French word "bouquet" means "bundle". When ordering cheap roses or freshly cut flowers with delivery in St. Petersburg, you need to take into account that attractive flowers in ancient times ceased to be an armful of green plants. Already in those times, people knew that each flower symbolizes something.

Flower Registry

Under Empress Catherine II, a special register of flowers was compiled in Russia. According to this registry, if you order a super cheap bouquet with delivery of red roses to St. Petersburg, these flowers will symbolize sincere love. But if you buy roses in St. Petersburg blue or blue, then this you will demonstrate loyalty. According to the old statute, yellow roses symbolize treason or separation.

Alphabet of flowers

It is not scary if you do not know the alphabet of flowers at all. To do this, in flower shops with delivery around the city there are qualified florists and designers who will help you choose the right composition. They will tell you which celebrations will suit MICS roses with other plants, and in what cases the delivery of roses of the same variety would be appropriate.
Without an order for fresh cut flowers with delivery or bouquets of flowers of callas with delivery to St. Petersburg, not a single family holiday or celebration is complete. Light and delicate Kala flowers delivered to St. Petersburg are also ordered as wedding bouquets. In solemn moments, flower arrangements serve not only to decorate a table or a hall, but also become an integral part of any holiday.

Fresh cut flowers in St. Petersburg for a wedding

When ordering fresh cut flowers delivered to St. Petersburg for a wedding, the florists of the salons create compositions corresponding to the wedding dress of the bride. These bouquets favorably emphasize the elegance of the dress, grace, personality and beauty of the bride. Most often for wedding arrangements, designers and florists in flower shops use roses, lilies of the valley, exotic orchids or delicate lilies. These bouquets create a festive atmosphere, uplifting the newlyweds and their guests.