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Drawing up flower compositions for florarium

Drawing up flower compositions for florarium

Florarium is a unique, in-kind, product consisting of several component parts: containers made of plastic or glass with a small hole (or without it), and plants located inside. This construction is a mini-garden, and now we will talk about how to properly create a florarium.

Technology of compiling florarium

For the florarium, it is very important to maintain an optimum temperature in the rooms, since moisture and heat-loving plants are usually located inside the structure. Natural lighting is replaced by artificial (installation of lamps), which supplies exotic flowers necessary for unimpeded growth with the amount of ultraviolet radiation.
Florariums are increasingly appearing in small apartments of city dwellers, where there is not much free space to accommodate more voluminous compositions. You can place containers with flowers anywhere, creating an artificial atmosphere of light and humidity. Air and moisture inside the container comes due to the presence of a narrowed opening, which can be located in any part of the container.
"Bottle garden" can be an excellent substitute for greenhouses, if you want to grow exotic varieties of flowers at home. In the ordinary setting of a city apartment, not every flower can take root, and drawing up a special container made of glass, plastic or wood will create the optimal setting for your favorite plant.

Selection of soil suitable for florarium

At the moment, "bottle gardens" can be created in different variations, maintaining a unique atmosphere for each type of plant. For example, flowers can calmly grow here, for which the rainforest, the exhausting and hot desert, city parks and so on are the native elements.
Succulent plants growing in deserts will get acclimatized in the container, if you first add fine sifted sand (layer up to 12 cm) there, diluting the decoration with a piece of sandstone or a pair of large stones. Flowers, for which the native environment is a virgin natural forest, are more demanding on the soil. For them, as a soil, you can use a mixture of peat, large washed sand and leaf earth. Also, do not forget about installing an additional container with water, since such plants need a lot of moisture.
Various ivy and cacti growing on the slopes of mountains and alpine meadows, will be an excellent decoration of the home environment, if they are placed in special high and elongated at the same time florariums. The soil should be composed of a mixture of coarse pebbles and sand (layer from 5 to 7 centimeters) with the mandatory installation of water troughs.
In general, if you competently approach the creation of terrariums at home, then you will be able to grow almost any plant species at home. Such solutions will be a great way to diversify the situation and indulge yourself with an abundance of exotic flowers.