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Phytodesign rules

Phytodesign rules
Phytodesign is a whole science based on home furnishing with the help of classical and exotic plants. Everyone who loves to grow indoor plants should know exactly which varieties there is a place in our house, and which flowers are better not to plant in the rooms.
The rules of modern phytodesign
The main goal here is to create the most harmonious picture, in which an artificial furniture set, various design solutions and fresh flowers complement each other favorably. Very often, due to lack of practical experience, novice growers make mistakes when choosing unsuitable plants for their home.
Some homes and offices are performed in a unique style, which is very difficult to emphasize with standard solutions. For example, for a house designed in a romantic style, flowers that create straight lines (begonia or cyclamen) are most suitable. For the avant-garde style, where metal and glass prevail, the best solution would be to place plants with clear, straight lines (palm trees, agaves). In premises where there is a large amount of natural wood or material imitating it, violets and climbing plants will take root.
If your house is not designed in any one style, then you can give free rein to the imagination and realize almost any ideas. A large plant placed in the corner of the room will draw attention to itself - this way you can smooth out any external defects in the room. Cleverly placed pots can visually increase the free space, the height of the ceilings and so on - any experienced designer knows how to highlight the strengths of the interior and hide the negative effect.
Even Aristotle himself argued that the main form of beauty is symmetry and harmony, and this rule can be followed until now. Of course, no one argues that the asymmetric setting is guaranteed to be uncomfortable, but in this case, you should be more careful in decorating. Even a few small pots placed on window sills or on tables in the room can significantly diversify the external picture, making the interior more cozy and comfortable. In addition, no one has canceled the beneficial properties of fresh flowers, which saturate the air with oxygen and significantly improve our well-being. Accordingly, when arranging houses or offices, we can be guided not only by the desire to decorate the premises, but also give a more suitable environment for ourselves. It is only necessary to choose the right type of plant, which will become our pet for several seasons.