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Date palm trees for your house

Date palm trees for your house

The date palm tree became for a long time the integral attribute of offices of the modern companies and home rooms of those people who appreciate a cosiness and originality. This species of exotic plants perfectly gets accustomed and doesn't need individual care, and, in the course of blossoming, gives us an opportunity to enjoy the juicy dates which are grown up in house conditions.

Definition of the suitable place and watering

Date palm tree it is very problematic transfers influence of direct sunshine so her best everything to mark indoors where there will be a lot of scattered lighting. If light isn't enough, then edges of leaves of a plant will begin to turn yellow that will become a strong indication of the fact that it is better to replace the location of a pot.
As for watering, it is necessary to humidify the soil steadily and regularly. The palm tree needs a large amount of liquid in warm season, and in the winter the number of waterings can be reduced (it is possible to determine need of additional watering by drying of the soil). Water before it is recommended to be settled till the moment when it becomes room temperature – too cold liquid from under the crane can become the reason of emergence of diseases of date palm trees of which to get rid is very problematic.

Temperature and humidity of air

Maintenance of optimum temperature condition for a palm tree is the most difficult task for each gardener. Date plants don't transfer a heat so in the summer it is recommended to be placed in rooms where air temperature doesn't exceed +22-+24 degrees Celsius. Conditioners will help to provide this atmosphere. In the winter 11-12 degrees of heat will be optimum temperature for date palm trees.
Level of humidity of air should be supported on an indicator from 40 to 50%. Too dried up air harmful affects date palm trees so they can't be put near the heating equipment at all.

Change and reproduction

Change with full replacement of soil and trimming of a rhizome of a palm tree is transferred not too well. Movement of a plant from one pot in another with partial replacement of the top layer of earth will become the way out (the procedure is performed for young plants not more often than once a years, and for more mature – from two to three times a year). Active growth of a date palm tree begins in the spring (every April), and this period best of all is suitable for change.
Reproduction of a date palm tree happens by a seed method, and even the stones from dried dates bought in the next market for this purpose will approach. At first the stone needs to be exempted from pulp then we place her in the container with water for several days. As the optimum soil for planting of seeds the structures containing the sheet earth, sand and the turf will serve. Actively water a young palm tree and provide big amounts of light, and then the plant will please you with the first escapes already for the next season.