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Growing blooming cacti at home

Growing blooming cacti at home
Cacti have long become one of the most popular domestic plants, as these representatives of the flora are the most unpretentious to care. Not all cacti bloom, but there are certain species that delight households with bright buds that bloom once or several times a year.
The most popular types of blooming cacti
Ceres can grow to unbelievable sizes in the wild, but at home the plant reaches hardly 60 centimeters in height. If you plan to grow Cererus at home, then you should take into account that certain species of this cactus can bloom at night, and others during the day. So you need to decide in advance on which flower you give your preference to.
Cererus does not tolerate direct sunlight, and for the best flowering effect, the plant needs to organize a cold wintering. It can be rarely watered (enough times a week), but make sure that the plant pot is located in a dark and cool place in advance.
The next popular type of flowering cacti is rebution. This plant belongs to the mountain species of cacti, having a stem of spherical shape. The flower is completely covered with very hard spines, blooms once a year (usually in early spring). The buds have bright petals of orange, red, pink or purple.
Abundant flowering rebution is guaranteed if the plant will winter in a place with sufficient sunlight (but without direct rays), and in the warm season will be transferred to a well-ventilated room. Unlike other fellows, the rebuy is very demanding for watering, so it is recommended to moisten the soil in the pot steadily and constantly (as it dries).
Chametsereusy - the most solar-loving cacti, with bright and lush buds. Such flowers always need ultraviolet, so that the flower can be immediately placed in a well-lit place. By the way, in addition to humidify the air in the room is not required, as chametsereusy not too dependent on the rate of humidity.
In winter, you should not worry about chamezereus at all and water it once a month. With the onset of spring, it is recommended to flavor the soil with minerals that will help the cactus to withstand the change of period and prepare for flowering.
Wilcoxia initially doesn’t look very attractive, and many gardeners are squeamish about growing cacti with such long stems. But everything changes after wilcoxia blooms - bright purple-colored buds with pointed petals appear from thin needles. A large amount of sunlight and constant airing of the room where the cactus container is located will contribute to flowering.
In general, every lover of indoor plants can pick up a cactus for his house, which will delight you not only with unpretentiousness, but also with bright colors in a certain period. We presented the most popular types of them, from which you can choose the most suitable, depending on your individual interests and tastes.