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The order in SPb dostak of colors for zodiac signs

Bouquets for Lviv
Flowers with delivery the order of flowers delivery for people under zodiac sign Lev have to be imperial. It is the best of all to order 10-20 roses or 25 roses with large buds and long stalks. Ordering flowers with delivery to buy flowers, it is possible to ask designers or florists that the composition was tied up a decorative tape. In this case she will look elegantly and at the same time simply.
Lions can order flowers with delivery flowers delivery not only from a bouquet to 10 roses or composition from 60-100 roses, but also a bouquet from gladioluses or chrysanthemums. The main thing that in a bouquet red, yellow or orange colors prevailed – they are associated with luxury and gold.
The order of flower compositions for Maidens
If as a gift for the person under the sign of the Maiden it is necessary to order flowers with delivery in office a wedding bouquet, then it is better to choose plants with a gentle and pleasant smell. Perfectly the composition from 60-100 roses will approach, but it has to be issued elegantly.
At flowers order with delivery the order of flowers delivery for Maidens is better to pay attention to white carnations, asters or gentle lilies. People under the sign of the Maiden love not only exotic, but also natural therefore will be appropriate to present wild flowers. The main thing that in composition green, blue and light shades prevailed. You shouldn't give to Maidens dahlias at all whether lilies of a gerbera – such flowers don't suit these people.