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Plant energy

Plant energy

If you plan to give a pleasant floral gift to a dear person, you should ask yourself - will the bouquet of your choice suit him? Not everyone will like standard roses, or, on the contrary, is it best not to “reinvent the wheel” and opt for the classic version? In this article, we will talk about how our preferences for colors depend on the zodiac sign.

Energy colors and zodiac signs

Of course, not every person believes in astrology and thinks about the effect of stars on our lives. But no one can guarantee you that the man or woman you like does not have a point about this. Accordingly, you must first think about what impression you will make on the addressee of the presentation.
For example, Taurus prefer sensual plants in the likeness of geraniums - it emphasizes their uniqueness. Lions and crayfish are more suitable for flowers with lush buds and fleshy, massive leaves - they will indicate their strength and self-confidence. Scorpions really like flowers with spikes and flowering buds, but the fish in this regard are not too demanding - any flowers other than various palm trees and sprouts of coniferous representatives of the flora are suitable for them.
The connection of a person’s spiritual state and his environment, which consists of both artificial and living elements, is described in oriental teachings. Wise men from Asia claim that the qi energy flowing through the body of every person should be in harmony with the outside world, so that the flowers that stand in our homes have a huge impact on residents.

How to choose flowers for different rooms

The greatest influence on the energy of the premises is exerted by plant leaves. Rounded or oval leaves symbolize peace - with the presence of such flowers at home in your family there will be a minimum of conflicts and quarrels. The more elegant the leaf, the more spiritual the situation will be, so exotic plants are perfect for creative personalities working at home.
Straight and upward stalks of flowers will make the atmosphere in the rooms more lively and mobile. Climbing plants will absorb all negative energy, and climbing upwards will improve physical and moral well-being.
As for the buds, the larger it is, the more energy they absorb in their environment. Accordingly, if you want to always feel cheerful, you should give preference to not too large decorative flowers. On the other hand, for larger rooms, more massive representatives of the flora, such as meter-tall palm trees or coniferous trees, are also suitable.