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Flowers on the holiday tables

Flowers on the holiday tables

The use of floral bouquets can turn any celebration into a memorable holiday for many years, especially if the compositions are composed correctly and in compliance with the rules of modern floristry. Roses, lilies and other varieties of flowers will harmoniously fit into any environment.

Rules for decorating holiday tables

To obtain the desired result, it is allowed to use not only blooming buds, but also fallen petals - this is how truly original compositions are created that can surprise and delight guests of the event. Even dry herbs will find their place in a qualitatively composed bouquet, fortunately, there is a huge variety of options suitable for a particular event.
If you plan to organize a celebration in the summer, then you can add ice cubes to the water in the vase so that the plants maintain freshness for a long time and give a joyful experience throughout the event. In general, it is not recommended to place lush compositions on the festive table, especially if there is not enough free space on the tables. Neat compositions composed of field plants with the addition of juniper or vine leaves will look great - such approaches are increasingly used to organize anniversaries or birthdays.
Flowering and large plants, which will soon fade, will not only look a little dull, but they can deliver a certain amount of discomfort. Falling leaves can fall into dishes on the table, so this solution should be avoided if you do not want to spoil the whole celebration.
Any florist will answer you that in every business it is important to comply with the norm. A pile of bouquets (especially those compiled separately for each table in a different combination) can create the impression of disorder and chaos, as if the organizers intended to combine the incongruous. In addition, it is important to consider the shape of the table and the serving style so that flower bouquets do not seem extraneous and unnecessary.

Small compositions

It is far from always rational to place one large bouquet in a massive vase right in the middle of the table, especially when it comes to a large interior element made in a round shape. This approach will limit the ability of the seers to see each other, so it is best to use a different technique.
The best option would be to install small flower arrangements next to each guest, while you can use other dishes, not vases, to set flowers. Use fruit plates, candy cans and flat dishes, placing symmetrically harmonizing the compositions that fit harmoniously into the decor - so you achieve what you want and don’t feel that the flowers interfere more than give visual pleasure from contemplation.