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The effect of plant color on humans

The effect of plant color on humans

Color is not just a visual aspect, which is of great importance in the interior of the premises where we spend a lot of time. You can physically feel its effect on our body and mood. And in this material we will tell you exactly what role the color of indoor plants plays, which we prefer to grow at home.

The effect of color flora on our lives

For the first time, Goethe mentioned the effects of color on our body in his creations. The great figure of antiquity determined that there is a difference between certain shades that can affect the human body in completely different ways.
For example, plants with yellow and yellow-red colors belonged to Goethe's positive colors. Such colors, which we associate with the sun, evoke positive emotions, can energize and even, in some cases, help to cope with numerous diseases.
On the other hand, Goethe recognized negative colors as violet, blue and lilac. Such cold shades cause peace, but divert too much attention. Looking at these flowers gives the impression of detachment and loneliness, which is very detrimental to our psychological state.

What flowers are best grown at home

You will experience maximum activity at home if you plant red flowers. Such plants significantly enhance feelings, exacerbate our reaction to events. Begonia, anthurium and Japanese camellia will create a festive atmosphere in the premises, which will positively affect our productivity.
Growing lemons at home has a positive effect on our mental performance. Yellow color calms and helps to relax after a busy working day. However, if you are a creative person, it will be better to place blue hydrangeas or bells in the rooms, contributing to maximum concentration.
Calendula, calceolaria and all other orange-colored flowers find their place in any room. Such plants will take root perfectly in the nurseries, bedroom or hallway, and everywhere will look harmonious. In addition, such flowers saturate the atmosphere with positive energy and cheerfulness.
Purple plants, on the contrary, are best placed in the premises where we work and earn for the family. It is not recommended to grow such flowers in the nurseries or in the bedroom - you are unlikely to be able to relax calmly, and your sleep will always be restless.
The most popular white flowers emphasize the atmosphere and visually clean it. Experienced florists say that the presence of white plants in workrooms contributes to conflict situations, so it is recommended that they be grown exclusively at home. White plants in small dwellings are especially relevant - they increase (visually, again) free space and make rooms more spacious.