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Selection, ordering and delivery of wedding bouquets

Wedding flowers - a constant attribute of this celebration. Therefore, it is necessary to take a very responsible attitude towards their choice and order flowers with delivery in St. Petersburg in accordance with the theme of the wedding. Turning to our company, you can order the delivery of bouquets of flowers with delivery of 45 roses, 50-55 roses or compositions from other plants. If necessary, our florists are ready to create compositions of 100 roses and more voluminous bouquets of 300-1000 roses.

The choice of colors for the composition for the bride

 Before you order flowers with delivery in St. Petersburg for the bride, the bouquet should be chosen as carefully as the wedding dress. In order for this procedure not to be difficult and tedious when choosing and ordering flowers with delivery to the office, delivery of bouquets, you need to know certain rules:
For the bridal bouquet of the bride it is better to order flowers with delivery in St. Petersburg of various colors and shades. Plants of the same type look dull and unattractive. If the plans give preference to any particular flower, the composition is better to dilute with various greens and decorative gypsophilia.
When ordering flowers delivered to the office, delivery of bouquets should take into account the appearance and individual preferences of the bride. Brunettes will suit burgundy or red saturated tones. For blondes you can order the delivery of bouquets of flowers with delivery in St. Petersburg gentle light colors, and for brown-haired women and ryzhenky suitable cream, pink, orange or gold tones.
Plants with a pronounced aroma in the delivery of flowers for the bride can interrupt the smell of perfume. A strong smell can cause dizziness or headaches for the bride and wedding guests.

The value of different colors at a wedding celebration

When ordering flowers for both the man with the delivery and the bouquet for the bride, you need to consider what the selected plants are associated with. Various flowers can symbolize loyalty, innocence and purity of the bride, and infinitely loyal love.
When ordering the delivery of bouquets of flowers with delivery for the bride, you should know what each plant symbolizes:

  • Chrysanthemums. A bouquet of these plants promises a young couple a long and happy life.
  • Lilies of the valley. As a symbol of girlish happiness and spring, these flowers are associated with the love of the bride, her loyalty and tenderness.
  • Carnations. A bouquet of carnations is a symbol of marriage or the engagement of a young couple.
  • Peonies symbolize wealth and wealth.
  • Freesia - a symbol of unlimited trust, blooming youth and serenity.
  • A bouquet of 45 roses symbolizes the passion, beauty of the bride and the pure love of the couple.
  • Orchids. Flowers are associated with luxury, wealth, and symbolize the perfection, femininity and beauty of the bride.

Given these rules and the subtleties of choosing plants when ordering flowers for delivery to St. Petersburg at a wedding, one can create a unique atmosphere and emphasize the solemnity of the event.