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Flower compositions for brides

Arrangement for the bride - an important attribute of the wedding. When ordering flowers delivered to the office a wedding bouquet of 10-20 roses or 25 roses, the bride and groom can choose a composition for any color and taste. The main thing is that florists create the most original and delicate composition that will be the highlight of the celebration.

Wedding bouquet style

The style of the wedding composition for the bride can emphasize the girl’s individuality, therefore, specifying the conditions for creating a bouquet and delivering flowers to the office to order flowers, you need to tell the florists about the character of the bride, about the wedding dress and other nuances.
You can order flowers with delivery order flower delivery in several styles:

  • round bouquet, made in the form of a ball;
  • cascade composition created in the form of a waterfall;
  • biedermeier - a round bouquet, shaded around the perimeter with flowers of another shade;
  • you can order flowers with delivery. You can buy flowers in a composition called Glamelia - an artificially created flower of large size and unnatural shape.

Most Popular Wedding Bouquets

The fashion for wedding arrangements is constantly changing. But in order not to be mistaken with the choice of composition, it is better to order flowers with delivery to buy flowers in bouquets of cascade or round shape. It may be a small bouquet of roses or 60-100 roses. Also suitable lilies or shrub roses of delicate shades. If the bride does not like large compositions, then you can order flowers with flowers delivery delivery in the form of a small bouquet - up to 10 roses.
An excellent opportunity to buy a bouquet for the bride is the sale of flowers in St. Petersburg with delivery. During various promotions and discounts you can negotiate a cheap bouquet with florists, which is ideal for the bride at the wedding, besides, it will be possible to save.

Rose - Queen of Wedding Bouquet

Despite the wide range of flowers delivered to the office, the wedding bouquet is considered to be the rose by the queen of the wedding bouquet. And the most fashionable now is to use pastel roses in wedding compositions. But there are other flowers that are perfectly combined in wedding bouquets:

  • zustoma;
  • gorgeous hydrangeas;
  • alstroemeria;
  • freesia;
  • exotic orchids.

The most win-win and successful option is to use an orchid as additional decoration for a wedding dress of the bride.
In order to successfully select and order flowers delivered to the office wedding bouquet for the bride, florists need to talk about the colors and shades of wedding dresses. Every little thing is important here. Even if the bride’s dress is traditional white, the florist should know the shades that will be used for the make-up. This will help him create the perfect floral arrangement that will complement and decorate the bride's attire and the wedding itself.