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Irises - Rainbow Flowers

Our salon is delivering bouquets of flowers with delivery to order in St. Petersburg. When ordering flowers for delivery in St. Petersburg, designers and florists of the company are ready to create bouquets of 45 roses or 50-55 roses and iris flower arrangements.

Iris - Rainbow Flower

Nature very generously rewarded this plant. When ordering flowers with delivery in St. Petersburg from irises you can create different compositions in color, shape and shades. In addition to bouquets of 100 roses or 300-1000 roses, flower arrangements of irises will also be appropriate gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. It is possible to order flowers for office delivery for a woman or a man’s boss, as well as for employees, friends or relatives.

Varieties and types of irises

If you order flowers to a man with delivery, then the company’s florists can discuss iris varieties that will be included in the flower arrangement. There are the following types of these plants:

  1. Baltic Sea - a flower with a blue border has petals of sky-blue color.
  2. Solveig is a Japanese variety of irises with large lilac flowers.
  3. Swamp iris. This flower is yellow bred around artificial ponds, because the plant loves wet soil.
  4. Imperial Opal is a large white-rimmed yellow iris that grows in Siberian latitudes.
  5. Snow Queen. Since this variety of iris perfectly tolerates low temperatures, it is also grown in Siberia.

When ordering flowers to a man with delivery in our salon, the consumer has the opportunity to choose these varieties of irises and discuss with the florists the bouquet composition.

Where to buy bouquets of irises in St. Petersburg?

It often happens that you urgently need a bouquet with delivery in St. Petersburg as a gift to a birthday man or to go on a visit, but there is no time for independent searches for flower arrangements. Turning to our company and ordering delivery of a bouquet of flowers with delivery in St. Petersburg, you will save time and get charming bouquets at an affordable cost.
When ordering flowers for office delivery, our designers and florists with love will create a floral arrangement of 300-1000 roses or irises in accordance with your wishes, individual preferences of the birthday and the financial capabilities of the customer. We can also make bouquets of other flowers, both garden and field or exotic plants, such as orchids. You only need to contact our company and order delivery of bouquets of flowers delivered to Peter and the region. Our couriers will deliver floral arrangements at any time convenient for you to the address indicated.