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Festive Christmas bouquets

Festive Christmas bouquets

Drawing up bouquets by Christmas and care of them

Earlier by drawing up bouquets for Christmas (especially in Ancient Russia) exclusively white flowers were used, but now compositions can be diluted also with red. There are some grades which and are called – Christmas. The rose-hellebore, a mistletoe - white and a poinsettia which is called still "a Christmas star" concern them. They blossom on the eve of Christmas so by a holiday the pleasant aroma of these surprising flowers will soar in the house of the addressee of a gift.
It is important to remember that the poinsettia is a thermophilic plant so in the house there has to be temperature not below 22-24 degrees Celsius. In other situations the flower will dump all leaves and you receive, as a result, completely naked stalk that can significantly impair a little festive mood.
From drevneskandinavsky mythology the tradition has gone to decorate dwellings by the holiday devoted to gods, small bouquets with a mistletoe. It is considered that the flower has certain magic properties and brings wealth, love and prosperity to the house.
Even more often options of decoration of houses by Christmas Shlyumberger's flowers which are called still Christmas cactuses meet. This grade is absolutely unpretentious to humidity of the soil, along with it has leaves of bright color. The Christmas cactus should be established in the darkened places of the house as the plant doesn't transfer excessive sunlight.
If you are an admirer of long traditions and classics, then Christmas compositions can be made of the following grades:
  • lilies;
  • Hippeastrum;
  • holly;
  • green eustoma;
  • hydrangea.
The compositions framing church icons can be complemented with coniferous branches that will make a bouquet even more attractive and pacifying.

Other decorative elements

When you have a desire to present not just a bouquet, and to make unique composition, flowers can become not the only component. Several centuries ago our ancestors have introduced tradition of Christmas carols for Christmas, and at this time at visit of houses of relatives, friends or casual acquaintances it was accepted to receive for it pleasant gifts.
Thematic cards with Christmas carols or wishes of financial wellbeing, health and peace in the home can be added to modern compositions and bouquets. On qualitatively issued sheets of cards the quotes from the Gospel executed in Old Russian language are written. Such gift will allow to plunge even more into a holiday and to distract from life, devoting the thoughts to God and everything what we trust in.