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Flowers to the man for February 23

Flowers to the man for February 23

As it is correct to make a bouquet for the man

There is a certain variety of options of the choice of flower composition for the man which optimum will approach the future festive action. The most widespread decision is creation of bouquets to the man for February 23 with involvement of bamboo stalks. Such compositions, visually directing up, hint at wishes of further career success and achievement of new personal heights. It is rather simple to create such bouquet, the main thing – to establish the highest flower in the center, and on each side to place lower.
Rose for the man? Why is also not present! It is incorrect to believe that the similar gift will please only the girl – the strict and bright flower on a high stalk (claret, black, violet) will please the addressee of a gift. The main thing that the rose freshened as existence of the withering petals can create at the man unpleasant associations with a hint on deterioration in the relations or love feelings.
The flower compositions executed in the form of the bank note (as a rule, the American dollar), always please and improve mood. Especially such decision will be successful at the moments of an acute financial crisis when all thoughts of the man are directed to receiving new work or advance on a career ladder. By drawing up such bouquet it is important to follow a number of rules:

  • flowers have to direct up;
  • lines of a bouquet are carried out accurately and exactly (that the bank note was guessed at once);
  • to make out flowers a minimum of decorative accessories.

For such gifts roses, irises, monsteras, a fern and the other, reflecting strong male character grades are most often used. They are established on a basket or a decorative support – thus the gift can be put on a desktop.

What compositions to give to the man it isn't allowed

Some girls believe that, the gift, the more joy at the man will be is more original by it will cause. Beauties manage to make gifts of a combination of such elements as: socks, beer banks, packings with snack and even with sun-dried fish! Thus the girl shows that for her the basic concepts of courage and responsibility are associated with it attributes.
Also it is necessary to refuse creation of bouquets for February 23 from flowers of pastel tones. Such compositions suit girls more and can cause unpleasant feeling in the addressee of a gift that he is compared to women.
It is the best of all to make a bouquet with assistance of the professional florist who will consider personal wishes of the man and will be able to make the bouquet capable to please and impress.