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Rules of drawing up bouquet of tulips

Rules of drawing up bouquet of tulips

How to prolong life to tulips

Tulips belong to unique plants which don't perish at all from the fact that they are separated from the main stalk. These representatives of flora are capable to continue the blossomings and in vases – it has huge value by drawing up composition.
The flower has a set of the forms and various coloring so quite often in one composition several different tulips are placed, doing it original and surprising. And the main rule is cutting of the freshest here, the tulips which haven't dismissed buds yet which are capable to stay in the container with water of a week and longer.
The second important aspect at statement of tulips in a vase is constant availability of fresh water. The matter is that any plant in the cut-off state emits certain substances in which microorganisms begin to breed. Bacteria eat allocations and over time pass to a flower from what the last quickly begins to wither. Respectively, it is important to update every day water – so tulips will stay at your place very long.

As it is correct to make a bouquet

So, at an initial stage we should choose what number of tulips will be in composition. For informal holidays and as a gift for the friend or the colleague it is the best of all to choose a small, but accurate bouquet in which there will be no more than 3-4 flowers. For magnificent festive events, such as wedding and anniversary, the massive composition from 9 and more plants will approach better.
When determining color of plants it is also necessary to know what impression on the person will be made by this gift. For example, red tulips symbolize love and passion so it is the best of all to give them to darlings and family members. Yellow – are more neutral, and can reflect personal sympathy and respect. Violet tulips reflect a wish of wealth and prosperity, and orange symbolize energy and the aspiration to reach new heights (in career or private life).
In general, the bouquet from tulips is a suitable gift to any celebration. You with guarantee will make a positive impression on the person if previously you pick up the bouquet which is most corresponding to this day. But show consideration for that the composition reflected those feelings which you want to give – in other situations the recipient can understand you simply not so.