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Buy a bouquet for discharge from the hospital

Buy a bouquet for discharge from the hospital

The birth of a child for each girl is an event that completely changes life. An addition to the family is planned for a long time, and an important aspect is the giving of various gifts, which the happy father will thank the beloved for bearing and giving birth to the fruit of their passionate love.

How to make a bouquet for a newborn mom?

Can you imagine what a joy it will be for a young mother to find a festive bouquet next to her bed in the postpartum ward? The days of gestation and the birth of a baby take a lot of energy, and a pleasant present presented from a loved one will delight and, at the same time, emphasize the significance of the event for both parents.
When composing a bouquet for mom, a number of important rules should be considered:

  • flowers should not have a strong aroma, since all the feelings of mother and baby are seriously aggravated during this period;
  • plants should also not have the ability to spray pollen;
  • the composition should be compact so as not to take up much space on the table.

As a rule, men do not think about the actual parameters of colors, paying attention exclusively to their appearance. But for a young mother and a newborn baby, these nuances are of great importance.

What are the best flowers to give: secrets of compositions

Each florist asked by a client to make a bouquet for mom asks the young dad, first of all, the gender of the baby. For quite some time now, there is an opinion in the world that boys need to give things and gifts in blue, and girls in pink. These colors, respectively, should be included in the bouquet for mom, which will emphasize the attention of the father to such an important aspect.
The optimistic mood of the parent can be emphasized by the presence of bright yellow or orange colors. Such a solution is universal and especially relevant in those cases when the hormones of the mother, while functioning in the body, affect her mood. A “piece of the sun” can please your sweetheart and show that dad is very happy about the birth of the baby, and now a completely new, joyful period will begin in your life.

Buy a bouquet for discharge from the hospital?

Of course, fathers give spouses flowers not only after the direct birth of the child, but also upon discharge from the hospital. Among other things, it is necessary to present the composition not only to his wife, but also to the nurse taking the child out of the building. This action will allow you to express gratitude to the staff of the hospital for the fact that they allowed the birth of a new wonderful child.
True, it should be remembered that the bouquet for the nurse should not be richer or more magnificent than the composition that you give to your spouse. In this case, by the way, you can no longer skimp and give lush and fragrant bouquets that emphasize the significance of the event and charge your mom positive for a long period.